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Mission Statement

To proclaim the glory of Christ in all genres of Christian fiction by broadening the CBA presence
in the world thru blogging on the internet.

Reviewer Requirements
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Requirements -
Reviewers & Influencers

We would consider you for membership of CFBA if you agree with the below terms.

1. You have an established blog with an active readership and a Google PageRank of at least 3.

2. For books that you request to read, you must post a review sometime during the three days of the tour. You are allowed to copy and paste the book tour introduction that we post on the CFBA blog, and then add your own review at the bottom. And no review is a bad review. If you don't like the book, say so, just be kind. We also appreciate any other postings that you do of your reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook or any other place that you normally post.

3. If you miss three book tours that you have signed up for, you are suspended.

4. There are two "group emails" a week. One I send out on Sunday night at 11:30PM to announce the tour for Monday that starts at midnight. Then the other "newsletter" comes out on Tuesday night at 11:30PM announcing the tour for Wednesday that starts at midnight.

5. When you put up a post for a tour, you should ping yourself rather than wait for the search engine spiders to scan your blog. Go to: enter the address of your blog tour post and hit ping!

6. For books that you haven't requested but still wish to participate in the tour, you can participate in one of three ways, if you so choose.

a.)You can post the Amazon links that we supply for the book and introduce the book to your readers as an influencer.

b.) You can copy and paste the "backcover synopsis review" of the book that we post as a review on the CFBA blog, it also now contains a link to the first chapter of the book.

c.) Or the really fun part...I supply a link for the author. You could email him/her and do an interview by email (you send questions and they send answers back) and you post the Q & A!

7. A lot of reviewers like this because they get to know the authors personally!

8. The amount of participation is up to you, the only thing that we ask is that when you DO request a book, that you give an actual review of the book!

9. Tours for each book are three days long (weekend tours are four days) You are only required to post once during any one of those tour days for the particular book.

10. Missing three book tours for books that you have ordered are grounds for suspension.

11. If you get within one week of a particular tour and you haven't received the book it is your responsibility to contact me about the missing book. Publishers will not ship replacement books once a tour has started.

12. OUR GREAT RULE: Please never give away the ending of the tends to make authors testy!
9. Email us if you would like to join our organization!

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