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Mission Statement

To proclaim the glory of Christ in all genres of Christian fiction by broadening the CBA presence
in the world thru blogging on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join?

A: You email us using our "Contact page". We will supply you with the necessary codes to display on your blog to signify membership in the CFBA.

Q: Is there a fee for being a member or for the books we will get?

A: There are no fees involved. The books are sent to you free of charge from the publishers and/or the authors.

Q: What is the goal of each blog book tour?

A: The tour goal is to raise awareness of the featured book across the internet. One of those ways is to have the book register on Technorati's Popular book page for the duration of the tour.

Q: Do I have to participate in every weekly blog tour?

A: No. You are only obligated to participate in tours for which you have requested books to review.

Q: What do I do if I read the book, but don't want to give my own comments about it?

A: For every blog tour we give an introductory post on the CFBA blog. You are free to call up the Page Source code and copy the post to use on your own blog.

Q: I want to write my own review but where do I get the author picture or book cover pictures?

A: When we post the introductory blog tour post on the CFBA blog, at the bottom of the post is a textarea box that contains the author photo link, and a box that contains the book cover link. Each of these you can copy and paste into your post.

Q: What are the required elements of a blog tourpost?

A: Other than the title of the book and the author's name, the only thing we require is the Amazon link to the book (the link that WE supply).

Q: I went to Amazon and copied their link for the book. Isn’t that good enough?

A: No. That is not good enough because Amazon sometimes adds their own product digits to the code. Those extra digits "break" the link we are seeking.

Q: Why is that book link so important?

A: Because that "pure" link is what Technorati searches the internet for, to calculate which books feature on their Popular book page.

Q: I am an Amazon Associate, or a Shelfari Associate. Can I use their link for my book post, so that I can get credit for the sale if someone clicks thru from my site?

A: No. You may not use your Amazon or Shelfari link in the post. They do not count with Technorati. But what you can do is use your Amazon Book Feature in your sidebar, to post the advertising rectangle with the book inside of it, so that people can click thru and buy it from your site. I would suggest this over using Shelfari, because anyone that clicks one of your Shelfari pictures to buy the book, Shelfari gets the commission on the book, rather than you.

Q: Are there others ways to participate in the tours?

A: Yes. We supply author contact information, and you can contact the author and do an email interview to post in place of a review if you wish to.

Q: What if I didn't order the book, can I still participate?

A: Yes. Participants are always welcome. You can copy the introductory review, or contact the author and do an email interview. This is a good way of meeting all of our authors!

Q: How do I know when to post the book review?

A: Each book has a specific posting window. It will be a Monday thru Wednesday, or a Wednesday thru Friday tour. We send out a weekly newsletter announcing the tours for the week.

Q: But what if I can't post for the tour during those days?

A: Posting on one of those three days is the commitment that you make when you order the book. Repeated non-posting on books that you have ordered will get you deleted from our membership.

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